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Industry Engagement

Verifone is involved in many industry bodies and membership organisations in Europe, covering issues such as security, interoperability and compliance.


The SEPA (Single Europe Payments Area) initiative - lead by the European Payments Council - aims to create an integrated and unified European payments platform for cards. Verifone is involved in several aspects of SEPA including:



Verifone is involved with NEXO, which combines the work streams of EPASorg, SEPA FAST and Oscar (Open Standards for Cards group) to:

  • Promote the interoperability of card payment transactions
  • Ensure the development, evolution and use of common standards
  • Strengthen the commitment to open, common and universal standards
  • Ensure an appropriate level of partnership and lobbying actions




Verifone is one of the only technology vendors on the PCI Security Standards Council, helping and advising on payment industry security requirements. 



Verifone is strongly engaged with the UK Cards Association on local UK product certifications and industry regulation.



Verifone isn't just supporting the global EMV movement—we are helping to drive it, with innovative products that incorporate the worldwide EMV standard for chip card technology as set by EMVCo.


 7.jpg  Smartex Limited operates an international network of professional associations concerned with smart card, RFID and biometric technologies  and applications. 

Verifone is particularly active in the Transport Card Forum. 



Verifone is a member of Vendorcom, an organisation which represents key stakeholders in the cards and payments industry. Its primary aims are to promote innovation and thought-leadership, provide a forum for knowledge sharing and issues resolution for its members and encourage capability development across the cards and payments industry.



Verifone is a member of the European Vending Association (EVA). The EVA is a not-for-profit organisation that represents the interests of  the European vending industry vis-à-vis the European Institutions and other relevant authorities or bodies. The EVA represents all segments of the vending industry: machine and component manufacturers, suppliers of commodities and operators.


Logo _ZBP_01_(jpg )_080724

The Polish Bank Association (ZBP)

Self-government organization of banks, established in 1991, founded on the Chambers of Commerce Charter. Membership in the ZBP is voluntary and open for all banks created under the Polish law as well as for foreign credit institutions branches operating in the Republic of Poland. Verifone Poland is a member of ZBP's Forum on Banking Technology, working within the Council of Electronic Banking.



The Portuguese Association for the Development of Communications (APDC) is an non-profit association founded in 1984. APDC is assumed as a platform for discussion and reflection of key issues and mobilizing TIC and New Media in Portugal.


  ANEDA-Marca -definitiva -septiembre 2013-01

The Spanish National Vending Association is a business and non-profit association, whose aim is the representation, coordination and defend the interests of its members. It was established in 1981 and brings together professionals from the Vending industry in Spain: manufacturers, importers, distributors and operators .Its mission is to work for the benefit of the whole industry , both short , medium and long term towards its development and strengthening.



The" Initiative Deutsche Zahlungssysteme" works on extending the usage of electronic payment systems of the German banking industry such as GeldKarte, girogo, girocards and other DK methods. They encourage German retailers and consumers to make use of their cashless payment options.


EHI-Logo _4c

EHI is a scientific institute of the retail industry. The members of EHI include international retail companies and their associations, manufacturers of consumer goods and capital goods, and various service providers. EHI Retail Institute e. V., a registered society, carries out research work on important matters impacting the future of the retail industry. All studies are drawn up in close collaboration with representatives of the member companies. They communicate the results of their research work to the retail industry and translate them into concrete recommendations.


Mitglied Im BDV

The Federation of German Vending Industry is the leading trade association of manufacturers and operators of beverage and food vending machines and food producers active in this industry.



Verifone is a member of ACSEL - The association of the digital economy. This organisation brings together trade professionals and online services. ACSEL is defined as a business club, drawing power from the diversity and wealth of experience of its members with its proposed actions are to define the use of the Internet for economic concerns.


Since 2010, Verifone has been a member of FEVAD ( Federation of e - commerce and distance selling ) . Fevad aims to bring together all players in e -commerce and distance selling irrespective of the sector and the communication medium used . Today Fevad includes more than 370 companies and nearly 600 websites in the field of sales to individuals ( BtoC ) , sales professionals (BtoB ) or that of the sale between users ( CtoC )


Verifone and MERCATEL work closely together. Created in 1986 by enterprises of trade and distribution, Mercatel is a structure that aims to bring together stakeholders from trade and distribution to understand, control and integrate technological revolution.


Verifone is a member of the International Association CONCERT. Founded in 1987, CONCERT International is a professional association that brings together companies that contributed to the success of the electronic payments industry for nearly 20 years. Concerted effort to anticipate the behavior of tomorrow, to influence developments and to introduce new methods.

Be -commerce

Verifone is a member of BeCommerce, the Belgian association of companies involved in distance selling, the Internet and thus in all forms of electronic commerce. With awareness, information, promotion and certification of e-commerce websites using the BeCommerce code of conduct, BeCommerce wants to contribute to the development of the sector and strengthening consumer confidence with regard to distance selling.

Danish -fdih

About FDIH Danish E-commerce Association (FDIH) – is an industry association for companies that commercially use the Internet and other digital channels. FDIH represents major companies and smaller startups as well as companies that provide technical solutions or services for e-businesses. FDIH enhances the Danish e-business by providing knowledge about e-business as well as being involved in the political debate on issues that concern the e-business in Denmark and the EU. FDIH aims to become the leading e-business association with strength to make changes for the e-commerce companies in Denmark.


Verifone also works closely with all major card associations, both regionally and globally.