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Human Behaviour at the Point of Sale

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Human Behaviour at the Point of Sale White Paper

Can we ever predict how shoppers will behave at the moment of purchase? If so, what can be done to improve the payment experience?

Today we demand more from payments than ever. We expect payment to be instantaneous, convenient and secure. We want to engage – and to be seen as an individual and not purely a transaction. Our sales journey is unique to us.

Commissioned by Verifone, this white paper is taken from studies conducted by Ian Bushnell, AFBPsS CPsychol and Senior Lecturer at Glasgow University. It continues on from Verifone’s paper ‘Payments and Human Behaviour’ by Professor Paddy O’Donnell, Glasgow University, which examined the psychology associated with the payment process.

Learn how consumers behave at the point of sale and the different pain points depending on retail environment. This insight is invaluable for those planning retail payment strategies and POS investment.