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Toolstation Case Study


Toolstation is one of Britain’s fastest growing suppliers of tools, materials and accessories to the trade. With a multi-channel offering, customers can buy online, at over 240 of branches across the UK, through a dedicated call centre or via a mobile website. Toolstation opened for business in 2003 and now has 11,000+ products in its catalogue. Toolstation’s industry-leading warehousing, supply chain and customer service systems have helped the company claim the 2016 Retailer of the Year award from consumer champions Which.

  • Profile: Toolstation
  • Business Focus: Multi-channel suppliers to the trade
  • Headquarters: 240 locations across the UK

Toolstation Case Study

Payment system overhaul delivers contactless and cost savings for 2016 UK retailer of the year


The introduction of contactless/NFC payment and the need for an improved in-branch payment experience were the main drivers for Toolstation’s need to upgrade its entire PED estate, while adding the latest standards of PCI point-to-point encryption (P2PE) compliance. An existing Verifone customer since 2010, the retailer also wished to consolidate several payment contracts into one single agreement, to save costs and reduce complexity. Rapid growth meant Toolstation also needed a payment provider with scale, who could cope with opening at least two new branches each month. Toolstation’s existing Vx 810 DUET terminals, used in over two hundred branches throughout the country, needed to be replaced to support contactless/NFC technology.


Verifone upgraded almost 870 payment terminals in a roll-out programme that took just four weeks. The introduction of the VX 820 DUET ensured continuity, consistency and little re-training for Toolstation’s branch personnel. Toolstation’s payment service provided by Verifone was also updated to ensure the retailer had the latest anti-fraud security, including compliance with PCI P2PE standards. Toolstation also benefited from Verifone’s next-day technical courier service, which provided each new store with fully operational, certified and compliant VX 820 DUETs, on demand when needed. Furthermore, Verifone provided a dedicated Service Delivery Manager to Toolstation, handling requirements such as software upgrades and ensuring the highest levels of customer service on an hourly basis.


In addition to support for contactless cards and mobile wallets, the latest Verifone products also brought enhanced transaction speed, meaning improved customer throughput and satisfaction at the till. State-of-the-art security means Toolstation will spend much less with QSAs and other advisors. The off-theshelf solution from Verifone is pre-accredited with all UK acquirers and is fully P2PE certified, ensuring Toolstation can manage their PCI compliance very efficiently. Additionally, by using Verifone’s managed payment service, Toolstation is able to track transactions in realtime, manage their terminal estate, perform software updates and view other activity via the online Webcom merchant portal.

Rapid growth and total security

“We make a promise to provide the very best customer service, so trouble-free, secure payments are a major part of keeping this promise”, says Lesley Price, Project Manager at Toolstation. “Adding contactless card payments and mobile wallet capability such as Apple Pay and Android Pay, helps speed up our footfall.”

Payment as a Service and VX 820 DUET

Verifone’s Payment as a Service solution bundles hardware, software, gateway services, encryption, tokenisation and Webcom portal into an all-in-one package that makes card acceptance easy for merchants of all sizes. Verifone’s VX 820 DUET features a large 3.5" colour touch screen, built-in contactless/ NFC capability, 500MB memory and extra-fast processor for speedy transactions.