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Pay Anywhere Solutions for Hospitality

Take the wait – and the worry - out of customer payments

Pay Anywhere Solutions for Hospitality

Quality of service defines your reputation in the hospitality industry. 

A poor experience can leave a bad taste in patrons’ mouths – and as the last point of interaction, payments can make or break customer satisfaction.  

Delivering faster, more convenient payment solutions to hospitality vendors is Verifone’s core objective.

Leading brands trust us to provide innovative, easy-to-use payment technologies that stand up to the challenge of knocks, spills and constant handling.

More than that, our flexible solutions drive loyalty among today’s connected, mobile-centric customers – to foster long-term, high value relationships.


Increase the wow factor

Provide the ultimate table service

A celebratory meal or intimate drink can be spoiled by having to leave the table and settle the bill.

Taking payments anywhere can personalise encounters and bust queues during peak periods.

Verifone’s pay at table mobile terminals can be synchronised with any connectivity option to create flexible, customer-centric payment options.

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Give patrons more ways to pay

Every customer is an individual, so your workforce needs the tools to provide a personalised service.

Whether it’s implementing contactless to speed up transactions or preparing for mobile payments by adding Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities, we can advise on the right solutions for your business.

Our technology is reliable and flexible – all you need is a GPRS, WiFi or Bluetooth signal to start taking payments anywhere. You can even let customers make independent transactions through their smartphones with our Pay by App Toolkit.

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Keep customers coming back

As the final point of contact with patrons, payments play a critical role in outstanding customer service.

Integrate loyalty schemes and mobile vouchers to your Point of Sale with Verifone’s Commerce Enablement marketplace.

Our payment services go beyond speed and convenience – we can help you to engage with customers and increase retention rates.

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Secure to use, simple to manage

Focus on patrons, not systems

Technology should be the last thing on your mind – so let us take care of payments for you.

Outsourcing payments services is a simple, cost-effective way to manage the transactional side of your business.

Verifone’s payments as a service solutions are easy for staff to understand and use, with clear application interfaces and instructions on-screen. We’ll help you improve operational efficiency.

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Encrypt customer data

Hospitality vendors are a prime fraud target, making crucial to implement cutting-edge prevention methods.

Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) offers watertight protection of customer data and reduces the threat of non-compliance.

Our customer present payment solutions include P2PE. We also offer real-time fraud monitoring within our online payments solutions – ideal for takeaway services.

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Add value to payments

Payments aren’t just the point of transaction; they are a pivotal point for adding value.

Boost revenue by utilising Verifone’s integrated tip options, which give customers an easy way to calculate and add a tip directly on the payment device.

You can also use payment terminals to benefit the community. Verifone card payment solutions are compatible with Pennies, the digital charity box that allows consumers to ‘round up’ their bill and donate the difference to a good cause.

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