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Taking multichannel payments

Make transactions as flexible as your customers’ behaviour

Taking multichannel payments

Channels don’t exist to consumers. They simply choose the most convenient journey to purchase, jumping between platforms and
devices as they see fit.

This behaviour creates headaches for retailers. How do you make sure every shopper interaction is consistent? More importantly, how
do you create a smooth cross-channel journey to drive sales?

Payments are the moment of truth in multichannel shopping. Make it difficult and you won’t just lose a sale; you could lose a customer.

Verifone’s payment services have been strategically designed to enable stress-free shopper transactions.

However many channels or devices your customers are using, we’ll help you implement the right payments solution to build powerful
multichannel relationships.


Reach customers everywhere, consistently

Bring digital into the store

Information rich experiences aren’t just for online shopping – new technologies can blend the digital and physical shopping environments.

From creating flexible customer interactions through mobile point of sale, to efficiently processing click and collect orders, it’s important to provide staff with the right tools to impress customers.

Retailers must not forget your fixed payment solutions, either; getting the right foundation is crucial for driving great in-store experiences.

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Optimise online experiences

Even the most beautifully optimised retail website will fail to convert sales if the payments page isn’t part of an unbroken online customer journey.

Desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone; whatever device a shopper uses, they must find it easy to carry out transactions.

Verifone offers two seamlessly integrated ecommerce payment solutions: a hosted payment page and an XML-based web service, which can be embedded within your site.

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Embracing different ways to pay

Shopping is no longer a choice between online or offline. Payments must be as flexible as today’s complex paths to purchase.

Not all remote shoppers want to pay online, for instance – creating the need for mail order and telephone payments services.

The rise of mobile phone commerce is also opening up new opportunities, such as payment by app or mobile payments within the store environment

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Merge channels to grow your business

Multiple channels, single solution

Multichannel shopping is complex enough without having to handle payments from several sources.

Verifone’s payments as a service platform looks after the complete card authorisation and settlement process.

Using a single payments provider like Verifone can simplify the process, leaving you to focus on growing your business.

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More channels, not more risk

Some retailers fear that running a multichannel business can make their customer data more vulnerable to security breaches – but this isn’t true.

With the right security protocols in place, innovation doesn’t have to mean exposure to fraud.

Whether it’s a point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solution for customer present payments, or online fraud prevention services, Verifone has the tools to protect valuable customer information.

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Expansion without complication

Every business wants to keep moving and growing – which means having scalable systems in place.

Outsourcing your payments management not only reduces the cost and complexity of processing transactions, it makes it easier to innovate.

Verifone’s payments as a service platform can integrate with multiple systems to scale flexibly with your business. We also offer payments in different currencies, assisting with international expansion.

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