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From Pay-at-Pump to Point of Sale

Payments that transform petrol station experiences

From Pay-at-Pump to Point of Sale

It’s not just shopping that technology is changing; petroleum companies now have the power to redefine customer service on the forecourt using state-of-the-art retail inspired solutions.

Reduce filling times by introducing self-service pay-at-pump options – ideal for consumers in a rush, and to keep traffic flowing during peak periods.

Improve experiences for pay-at-till customers by adding the latest generation card machines in-store, featuring queue-busting contactless capabilities.

Verifone’s petroleum payment solutions are optimised to add value to customer encounters. We want to speed up your transactions to build stronger digital relationships.


Fuel better customer experiences

Reduce congestion on the forecourt

Whether it’s at shop tills or at their local petrol station, consumers find queuing very frustrating – and can give up if they feel their time is being wasted.

Installing a pay-at-pump solution enables customers to pay and go, so your business can process more transactions and reduce congestion during busy periods.

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Streamline service in the store

Even if customers choose to pay at the pump, they may still want to pop into the shop for a coffee or a snack.

Offering them the option to pay by card – particularly contactless – ensures quick transactions, to keep their journey flowing from the forecourt to the store.

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Add value to encounters

Accepting card payments offers petrol stations more than just speed; they can add greater value to customer interactions.

Our petroleum payments experts can advise on the best solutions to improve motorists’ experiences, and keep customers coming back time after time.

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Innovate without interruption

Easy installation

Innovation doesn’t have to mean disruption.

Our pay-at-pump solutions can be retrofitted to your existing forecourt structure.

Meanwhile, both our self-service and customer present card payment options can be easily integrated with your current systems.

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Secure transactions

Give customers more ways to pay AND peace of mind.

All Verifone’s payment solutions include cutting-edge encryption and tokenisation technologies, to maximise data protection.

Whether they’re using a self-service or attended payment point, we’ll protect your customers’ debit and credit card transactions.

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Round-the-clock support

Many garages serve customers 24/7, and need a payments provider that does the same.

Verifone offers a round-the-clock support service to swiftly deal with any technical issues, keeping traffic flowing at any time of day.

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