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Smarter Retail Payments

Drive greater value customer relationships

Smarter Retail Payments

Make the last point of contact the most profitable

Payments are the pinnacle of the customer journey. Whatever route they’ve taken to the point of purchase, it’s the experience shoppers receive at checkout that will leave a lasting impression.

With innovative payments solutions, retailers of all sizes have the opportunity to drive sales, speed up transactions and create unforgettable customer experiences.

Sounds simple – but today’s omni-channel environment has created complex challenges for managing business payments.

That’s where we come in. Verifone has been working with retailers worldwide for 30+ years.

Our commerce solutions are easily integrated, incredibly secure and built around customer needs – to propel your business forward.


Create engaging consumer experiences

Exceed industry standards

Today, the payments bar is set higher than ever.

Consumers expect retailers to keep pace with the latest technology developments, while industry standards are continually being raised.

Outsourcing payments to a single supplier takes the complexities of innovation off your hands.

Verifone’s payment as a service platform can manage your complete payment requirements – freeing you to focus on providing great customer experiences.

Outsource your payments
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Take payments mobile

Consumers use their smartphones over 200 times each day, often as part of their shopping journey.

Synchronise their experiences across all channels by incorporating mobile technology into your customer service strategy.

From flexible payments in-store to interacting with shoppers via mobile apps, Verifone offers mobile solutions that enhance customer journeys and promote sales.

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Enable quick, convenient transactions

For time-stretched shoppers, speed and convenience is essential.

More and more consumers are turning to contactless payments to enable quicker transactions – even for the smallest purchases.

Verifone’s contactless payment solutions drive fast, flexible payments that increase conversions and foster customer loyalty.

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Instill customer trust

Expand securely

Growth doesn’t have to equal greater risk. All Verifone’s payment solutions feature advanced retail security.

Customer security is top of our retail agenda, and Verifone is leading the pack in payment security.

Retailers worldwide have already trusted us to install more than 25 million devices globally.

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Protect customer data in-store

Fraud attacks are on the increase – and consumers are concerned about the security of their personal information.

Encrypting sensitive chip and PIN data using Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) is the best protection against a data breach.

Verifone’s Point to Point Encryption solution even reduces the costs and complexity of meeting the latest PCI council security standards.

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Respond to ecommerce threats in real-time

It’s not just the store under threat from cybercriminals.

Security attacks on your online payment systems can seriously damage your reputation

Verifone’s digital payments services include fraud prevention components, which monitor transactions to flag up potential fraudulent activity in real-time.

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Increase shopper loyalty

Reimagine loyalty programmes

Swiping a card or printing off a voucher at the checkout isn’t enough for today’s value-driven consumers – they want better bonuses for their loyalty.

Digital reward schemes and mobile discount vouchers can enhance your loyalty programmes for tech-savvy consumers.

As well as being important customer retention tool, moving loyalty online creates clearer customer value profiles and repays shopper activity in all channels.

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Tailor tourist encounters

Tourism is worth more than €625 billion to Europe. How can retailers capitalise on this lucrative opportunity?

Verifone’s dynamic currency conversion tool enables tourists to pay for goods in their own currency.

By making payments more familiar, retail businesses can increase the likelihood that overseas customers will make a purchase in your store.

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Connect more closely at the point of sale

Payments terminals are much more than a place to process transactions – they can add genuine value to customer experiences.

Retail applications are a cost-effective, flexible way to increase functionality at the point of sale and meet shoppers’ individual needs.

From integrating loyalty schemes to redeeming mobile vouchers, Verifone’s Commerce Enablement marketplace features ready-made and custom-built business management apps.

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