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Secure Self-Service Payments

Customer convenience even when you’re not present

Secure Self-Service Payments

Time is consumers’ most important currency – and they don’t want to waste precious minutes standing in queues.

The quicker and more flexible businesses can make consumer interactions, the further your customer relationships will flourish.

Self-service payments are an ideal way to improve customer convenience without constraining resources, to keep the customer
journey flowing and create the opportunity to pay for goods and services round-the-clock.

Vending machines, ticket purchasing, pay-at-pump petrol, checkout kiosks, parking; self-service payments are a versatile solution
for many different sectors. Not only that, but equipment is optimised for busy, remote or challenging environments.

Verifone can help you incorporate self-service solutions into your payment strategy – either as a standalone feature, or to support
manually operated points of sale.


Meet the unique needs of self-service customers

Quick transactions

Most consumers will choose self-service checkouts because of time restraints.

This makes it crucial for businesses to ensure your payments are optimised for speed. Contactless capabilities, for example, can cut transaction times.

Verifone can implement not only contactless self-service solutions, but NFC-enabled payments too – so consumers can make transactions through their mobile devices.

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Robust, durable equipment

Without your watchful eye, it’s important to ensure that unattended payments solutions stand up to the environment they’re located in.

Reliability is key to driving self-service revenue; both technical downtime and breakages can be costly to business.

Verifone’s UX Solutions have been built to withstand outdoor conditions with keypads successfully tested up to 2 million presses. Our robust equipment is tamper-resistant as well.

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Secure payments

The number one concern for consumers using self-service payments is safety. They want to know their card data is being safeguarded.

Our unattended payments solutions are built on a secure card acceptance infrastructure, and are PCI security council approved.

We’ll protect your customer data even when you’re not present during the transaction, using the latest Point-to-Point encryption technology to prevent network breaches.

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Stress-free Self-Service

Seamless implementation

Adding a self-service payment option is supposed to enhance your business, by giving customers greater choice.

With this in mind, all Verifone’s implementation projects are executed in a way that minimises disruption to trading.

Our complete integrated payment solutions - card and contactless readers, screens and PIN pads - can be rolled out in a modular fashion.

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Ongoing support

The point of self-service is that the technology is supposed to run smoothly without your constant attention.

In addition to building durable solutions – with added features such as sleep mode, to save 33% on battery usage – Verifone offers ongoing customer support.

We’ll help you integrate unattended checkouts into your wider payment offering and swiftly deal with any technical queries; so you can focus on delivering the optimal customer experience.

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Added value experiences

Once your customers are benefitting from quicker, more convenient transactions, you can add even greater value to self-service payments.

Verifone has the tools to build new functionality into unattended payment solutions, such as digital loyalty points and multimedia screens.

We can also train your staff in the benefits of these value-added services, so they can upsell the benefits to your customers.

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