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Card Payments for Taxi, Transport and Travel

On the move, on your customers’ terms

Card Payments for Taxi, Transport and Travel

Time is consumers’ most valuable currency, which is why they crave convenience wherever they go.

Travel is no exception; transport companies need to move at the same pace as their passengers – quickly – to create engaging,
effective customer experiences.

From private hire to public transport services, operating firms can craft faster, flexible encounters by introducing card
payment solutions.

Adding new payment options does more than increase speed. It enables transport providers to improve interactions and increase
customer satisfaction – the cornerstone of long-term loyalty.


Enhance your customer experiences

Cut queue times

People hate queuing at the best of times, even more so if they’re outside waiting to catch public transport.

Cards transactions can be processed quicker than handing over cash, reducing waiting times.

Contactless is a particularly popular way to speed up payments, proven by its successful adoption across the London transport network.

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Create flexible ways to pay

Today’s consumers want more than convenience – they want choice, too.

Introducing card payment facilities lets passengers select their preferred way to pay, either on the platform or in transit.

Customers can even buy tickets through their smartphone, through Verifone’s mobile payments solution - eliminating paper tickets that so often get lost.

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Introduce self-service kiosks

Let passengers travel independently by introducing self-service machines.

Unattended payment kiosks are ideal for easing congestion during busy travel periods.

They’re also a cost-effective alternative to manually staffing routes during off-peak hours.

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Improve your business operations

Track fleet performance

Card payments are more than a consumer benefit; they reveal valuable insights into fleet performance too.

By monitoring card transactions, you can track the process of both public and private hire vehicles, to identify where profits can be better optimised.

Increase customer security

Taking payments on the move is just as safe as in a restaurant or store – with the right security measures in place.

Verifone’s payment solutions feature the latest encryption and tokenisation technology. In addition to protecting customer data, they can help reduce the cost and complexity of PCI compliance.

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Transform staff workload

Sorting change and counting cash is a time consuming process, which is relieved when customers pay by card.

Encouraging card payments streamlines interactions, freeing up your time to focus on other tasks that improve the overall passenger experience.