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MX Portfolio

Turn your point of sale into a place of engagement

All too often, customers switch off when they reach the checkout queue - mainly because retailers aren’t seizing the opportunity to engage with them.

Transform your point of sale to a place of interaction with our MX portfolio. Our rich-content payment devices give you the opportunity to introduce marketing messages and promotions into your transactions.

From full-colour imagery to high performance video, our payment devices will make sure your customers stay captivated until the moment they leave the store.

MX 915

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video imagery must be worth a million! You can bring full-motion action to the point of sale with our MX 915 solution – which adds multimedia marketing without cluttering up the countertop. Learn More

MX 925

Give customers something impactful to interact with as they wait to pay. The MX 925 features the retail industry’s largest and highest-resolution display, so you can inform them about your latest offers through imagery and video content. Learn More