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VX 520 Card Terminal

Robust hardware for the toughest business environments

Invest in a payments terminal that’s built to last with the VX 520.

Reliable and sturdy, this countertop chip and PIN machine has been designed to keep up with the fast-moving nature of your business – authorising transactions quickly, including contactless and NFC payments to support mobile wallets.

Plus, you can customise the VX 520’s vivid colour display with brand graphics and promotional displays, to add value at the point of payment. 

Key Benefits:

Fast Processing

A quick transaction rate means that more customers can be served – resulting in a higher sales volume for your business. Equipped with the powerful ARM 11 processor, the VX 520 handles transaction authorisation within seconds.

Easy to Use

It’s essential that both staff and customers can easily navigate technology to keep service moving, especially during peak trading times. The VX 520’s backlit screen and keypad are easy to operate in all lighting situations, and you can choose between a black and white or colour screen.

Reliable Functionality

Technical downtime is incredibly costly to businesses – so it’s vital to select hardware that can handle even the most demanding environments. The VX 520’s highly durable keypad can cope with over one million presses, while the smart card reader can withstand 500,000 insertions.

Additional support for high volume payments

If your business handles a high volume of transactions, you’ll need technology that can facilitate this effectively.

Ideal for large retailers, PAYware Merchant from Verifone provides the extra support needed for busy environments, and can be fully integrated with the VX 520.

Our service that is already proving fundamental to UK high street success, and is currently the choice of over 200 UK retailers.

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