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Multimedia Consumer-Facing Payment Solutions

MX 915

Maximum Performance, Minimal Space

Imagine keeping customers entertained at the checkout with full motion colour video, displayed on your payment device.

Sleek and slim, Verifone’s MX 915 is a transactional and promotional tool all rolled into one, to keep customers engaged right through to the point of payment.

Our multimedia technology delivers a rich media experience without adding to countertop clutter, and is compatible with chip and PIN, contactless and NFC mobile payments.  

What are the key benefits of the Verifone MX 915?

Engage your customers

Make your point of sale work harder for your business, by turning it into a marketing engagement opportunity.

With its large, colour display, the MX 915 can showcase your company branding and promotional offers – and scroll between messages, to drive upselling opportunities at the checkout.

Quicker transactions

No consumer enjoys waiting – which is why you need a device that can quickly process payments at the same time as impressing them with rich media messaging.

The MX 915 is built for speed, with contactless acceptance at the ready for customers that want to tap and go.

It also features a backlit keypad to guide customers through the purchase whilst reducing mistakes.

Value-added services

Processing transactions is just the start; our multimedia devices add genuine value to the customer journey.

In addition to presenting the customer with media, the MX 915 can integrate with loyalty schemes and gift card acceptance at the point-of-sale, to increase engagement and customer spend.