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Multimedia Consumer-Facing Payment Solutions

MX 925

Influence and upsell to customers at the point of payment by bringing full colour marketing messages to your checkout.

As the last point of contact with the customer, the payments process is the perfect opportunity to showcase additional products to them before they leave – and the Verifone MX 925 is built for this purpose.

Far more than your average card terminal, the MX 925 works as a promotional tool too. Thanks to its stunning 7” WVGA colour display, your business can display promotions and offers to customers whilst they make their purchase; prompting them to add further items to their basket.

What are the key benefits of the Verifone MX 925?


Leave a lasting impression on your customers with a glorious technicolour checkout experience.

The colour screen on the MX 925 is both the largest and has the highest resolution display in the industry; making it stand out from rivals’ payment terminals.


UK consumers are the leading contactless users in Europe, with more than 1 billion ‘tap and go’ transactions made last year.

Give your customers even greater convenience at the checkout : the MX 925 comes contactless-ready for those making low value purchases.

Total multimedia solution

Increasing customer loyalty is key for any business, and the value-added capabilities of our multimedia technology can support your initiatives.

The Verifone MX 925 is an ideal integration platform for a whole host of additional services, including loyalty schemes and gift card acceptance. We can also provide you the opportunity to offer electronic mobile phone top-up services.