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PIN Pad Card Payment Devices

VX 820 Card Terminal

A PIN pad that performs – whatever the environment, whoever the customer

Today’s customers are very demanding – you need a chip and PIN machine that’s just as tough.

With its high resolution 3.5" colour touch screen and illuminated backlight keypad, the Verifone VX 820 is incredibly reliable, readable and easily usable – ensuring your staff can easily process transactions.

You can also use the VX 820 to drive  customer loyalty by displaying promotions and messages on the device; tempting consumers to increase their spend at the point of sale.

Key Benefits:

Cards Today, Mobile Tomorrow

Mobile has become a critical commerce channel, and the launch of new mobile payment services is pushing consumers towards using their smartphones at the checkout. Verifone’s VX 820 enables full flexibility to manage multiple Near Field Communication (NFC) mobile wallets, apps and programmes, to capitalise on changing consumer behaviour.

Touch Screen Technology

In peak periods especially, it’s essential that your business takes measures to quicken the process at the point of sale. With touchscreen functionality, the VX 820 can be controlled by a tap of a finger, rather than requiring keys to be entered.

Advanced Security

Reputation is easy to lose and hard to regain – and the bad press from a security breach could cost you customers. The VX 820 is designed to meet the latest PCI DSS 3.0 standards, using encryption technology to keep consumers’ information secure.

Software and Managed Services

Verifone's Payment as a Service – support beyond the hardware

Verifone provides more than just hardware; the VX 820 is part of our payments as a service platform.

Spend more time focusing on your customers, and leave the responsibility of card acceptance in our hands instead.

Our PCI DSS-certified payment processing infrastructure can easily integrate with applications such as digital loyalty programmes to increase revenue opportunities, and our online reporting dashboard enables you to centrally manage devices across your business. It also features Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), heightening the level of security when accepting card payments.

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PAYware Merchant

Over 200 UK high street retailers rely on PAYware Merchant from Verifone to handle their transactions.

Designed to deal with a high volume of purchases, PAYware Merchant is ideal for busy outlets, and comes fully integrated within VX 820.

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