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UX 100

Secure and easy PIN Entry for self-checkout

Add value even in the self-service environment, with a high performance unattended payments solution.

The Verifone UX 100 engages self-service at the touch of a button, guiding customers through the checkout process, with capability to upsell through targeted and customised prompts.

Extremely robust, this solution features a metal front plate and weather proof enclosure, to protect against the elements. It also has an IK-09 anti-vandalism casing, ensuring your critical self-service sales channel is fit to serve customers around the clock.

What are the key benefits of the UX 100?

Enhancing the experience

Without your sales associates on-hand, your payment solution must provide an intuitive user experience. The UX 100’s large graphic LCD display with white backlight is easily legible, and features step-by-step instructions to guide the transaction journey.

Add value at the checkout

The point of purchase offers a prime opportunity to increase customer value. Maximise transaction values with the UX 100; its screen can display targeted messaging to consumers, so you can select specific offers and promotions to capture customer attention.

Secure technology, built to last

In a self-service environment, your business needs a durable, dependable solution to protect customer information. Built to the latest PCI security standards, the UX 100 encrypts valuable transactional data. It’s also built to withstand threats from vandalism and extreme weather.