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Verifone HQ

Estate Management Solution

The bigger you grow, the more payment devices you need to manage – but this can be an opportunity, rather than a challenge.

Dynamically manage your device estate to make better business decisions with Verifone HQ, our modular based solution for retailers and hospitality vendors.

We’ll integrate new and existing technology and payments software into a single, easy-to-use solution, which can be rolled out in a modular format.

By taking total, central control over your payments estate, you can analyse real-time activity and performance data to lower operational costs and increase return on investment.

Centralised Device Management

Whatever size your business network – and however many payment terminals you use – Verifone HQ can organise, manage and monitor their output from a single, central location.

Our data dashboard can be accessed remotely, so you can check information from any location, and easily integrates new technology deployments such as mobile wallets. 

Quickly diagnose and solve problems

To keep your device estate running at maximum productivity it’s critical to detect and resolve any technical issues as quickly as possible. Verifone HQ can test devices and issue customised alerts, to prevent a minor glitch developing into a major setback.