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Commerce Enablement – VX+

Boost Business & Engage Consumers

To combat market trends, the in store experience needs to be better than online. Why not leverage your existing technology – the payment terminal – and make it work harder?

The facts:

    • 42% of European companies have increased investment in customer experience by 10%
    • 53% of retailers rank improving in-store experience as a top priority for 2016

The benefits:

    • Average spend jumps by 40% on the back of a positive in-store experience
    • Digital technology influences 33% of in-store retail sales in the UK.

Use apps to transform the in store experience

Value added services delivered via the payment terminal can drive loyalty and improve revenue. Avoid your store becoming a ‘showroom’ by using apps.

The concept is the same as our use of smart phones. Apps loaded onto the terminal can be tailored to your business to deliver a more personalised customer experience and interactive checkout. With Verifone’s smart and connected terminals a retailer can connect one-to-one with customers and influence consumers directly on the path to purchase.

VX+ commerce-enabled terminals

Verifone’s popular and proven VX devices support value-added services and come pre-loaded with apps for Media, Ratings, Loyalty, Charity, Dynamic currency conversion (DCC) and tax free shopping. The retailer can choose to activate the apps that work for their business. More apps will be added to Verifone’s commerce platform as they become available.

With easy integration and flexible service deployment of value added services, a retailer can now use the point of sale as a true competitive differentiator, while also enhancing brand equity.

Turn the point of sale into a profit centre

Verifone’s value added services apps include:

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