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Value-added Service Applications

Connecting merchants to possibilities beyond accepting payment

Use apps to transform the in-store experience and elevate your business

Value-added services, delivered via apps at the payment terminal, can drive loyalty and boost revenue. Instead of having your store act as a mere “showroom,” you can utilise customisable apps at the point of sale and drive your business further than ever before.

The facts:

    • 63% of companies globally that make customer experience a priority, deliver better customer experience than the competition.
    • More than one in four of UK companies have increased their investment in customer experience by more than 25% in the last three years.

The benefits:

    • Average spend jumps by 40% on the back of a positive in-store experience
    • Digital technology influences 33% of in-store retail sales in the UK.

Get “Smart”

Much like how smart phones support downloadable apps to improve your experience, Verifone devices also support third-party and proprietary apps to help you create a better experience at the point of sale.

And these apps are for more than just your customers’ benefit. You can also use apps for backend needs, such as inventory and reporting.

At every point of your business, there’s an app for that.

The suite of apps includes: media, ratings, loyalty, charity, dynamic currency conversion (DCC), and tax free shopping. And there are more to come. We’re working closely with our developers and app partners to give merchants a wider choice, which will help create a more seamless interaction with consumers.

With easy integration and flexible service deployment of value-added services, a retailer can now use the point of sale as a true competitive differentiator, while also enhancing brand equity.

Turn the point of sale into a profit centre

Verifone’s value added services apps include:

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How we are working with our partners

Here are just a few examples of how we are working with our partners to deliver value-added services via the app. We can enable merchants to provide seamless customer experiences, provide those merchants with insightful analytics, and more.