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Incorporate Mobile into
Customer Experiences

Harness the power of shoppers’ favourite device

Consumers love their mobile. On average, they check it more than 200 times each day and use it for hundreds of tasks. 

And when it comes to retail, mobile is playing an increasingly important role in the decision making process. Frequently, consumers use their smartphone to check prices in-store, while it’s common to see restaurant diners and café goers glued to the screen! 

The point of payment is a powerful way to incorporate smartphones into bricks-and-mortar interactions. Verifone can help retailers and hospitality vendors launch fully mobile customer experiences – from accepting mobile wallets and NFC mobile payments, to building your own payment app.


Mobile payments – what’s in it for consumers?

How often do you lose customers because of lengthy queues? Mobile brings greater convenience and flexibility to sales encounters.

You can also reward customers more richly by integrating mobile payments with added value services, such as digital loyalty card scheme.

Mobile payments what’s in it for retailers and hospitality vendors?

Satisfied customers drive revenue – and giving them more ways to pay increases their happiness, especially when it incorporates their favourite device.

Mobile changes the shape of customer service; your personnel can process transactions from anywhere, reducing queues, increasing conversion rates, and creating new opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling.

And don’t forget, mobile payments have the wow factor to make you stand out from the crowd!

Embrace mobile today:


Mobile Payments, Wallets and Retail Apps

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