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Mobile Wallets, Payments and Retail Apps

Build payments around the way your customers want to shop

Mobile Wallets, Payments and Retail Apps

Mobile devices have become an intrinsic part of shoppers’ journeys – from researching and comparing goods to making payments through mobile apps. Keep pace with mobile-centric behaviour by embracing next generation mobile payments technology.

Consumers expect a seamless shopping journey, whatever technology they’re using. Create personalised experiences by enabling customers to pay via their preferred app, wallet or device - including Apple Pay.

With Verifone’s mobile payment solutions, you can process transactions securely in all channels – offering shoppers a safe journey and an outstanding user experience.

From accepting mobile payments to building your own retail payment apps, we’ll help you build transaction points around the way your customers want to shop.

Mobile Payments, Wallets and Retail Apps

Payments as a Service

Digital enablement

Verifone’s solutions empower retailers to embrace the emerging market for digital payments - whether this is a client browsing with a mobile, tablet or loyal customers returning to perform instant payments using a wallet.

Plus, we can help you integrate mobile vouchers, digital promotions and value-added apps into the store shopping experience.

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Contactless and NFC payments

In future, paying by phone will become as commonplace as paying by card – and Near Field Communication (NFC) payments are the first step towards this transition.

All Verifone’s payment devices are contactless/NFC enabled and support Apple Pay, to give shoppers ‘touch and go’ convenience when purchasing goods.

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Commerce enablement

Every customer craves a shopping experience tailored to their needs.

Verifone’s commerce enablement gateway integrates personalised services into your customer interactions, to create sales uplift and increase loyalty.

From targeted promotions to real-time data redemption reporting, we can support your payment capabilities with smart campaigns.

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Online and Mobile Payments

Seamless mobile shopping

Retail continues to experience huge growth in eCommerce.

Verifone’s hosted payment pages ensure your transactions are optimised for online.

Flexible and secure, our hosted payment pages have been designed to enable quick and seamless payments – while also supporting alternative payment methods such as Paypal.

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Turn mobile devices into secure checkouts

Tap into your customers’ love of technology by transforming smartphones and tablets into secure store sales points.

From consultative selling to queue busting, mobile checkouts can bring the best of digital into the store, to revolutionise your customer experiences.

Our mobile payment devices enable retail staff to engage with shoppers using familiar devices. They’re compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android and more.

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Secure card authentication – time after time

Consumers grow frustrated with having to enter their payment details every time they purchase items from your website.

Speed up this process without compromising security by investing in Verifone’s tokenisation technology.

Tokenisation allows repeat shoppers to make purchases without having to enter sensitive card details – and removes the need for data

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Pay by App Toolkit

Integrating payments into your apps

Paying should be an effortless act for consumers – that’s why we help retailers to create feature-rich mobile apps with payments built in.

Only 35% of mobile shoppers complete their purchase. Make it easier for your customers to buy online by creating a seamless transactional retail app.

Verifone’s API solution connects your business app to our comprehensive payment gateway – so your customers can simply and easily proceed to checkout.

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Comprehensive app building guidance

Our pay-by-app toolkit is a comprehensive resource for creating mobile apps that are integrated with payment systems.

We’ll take care of the payments functionality – providing a scalable secure payment gateway and supporting technical documentation – leaving your developers to focus on building a creative, enticing application.

Not sure how to start offering payments within your app? We have experienced payment consultants to support you throughout the development process.

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Security support from payments experts

As a trusted payments provider, security and usability is at the top of our agenda. We care about protecting your customers.

Verifone has created specialist solutions, to aid your security compliance programmes and ease the workload from your staff.

We have leading security experts on-hand to update and advise you of any regulatory changes that may impact your business.

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