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Online, Mail Order and Telephone Payments

Payment services when the customer isn’t present

Payment as a service in Customer Not Present (CNP) environments

When consumers don’t have time to go into the store, they crave a shopping experience that is quick, secure and reliable. Payments play a vital role in this service.

Secure, swift, consistent checkout transactions are critical when the customer is not present – and with 85% of shoppers planning to make more online purchases this year than last, failing to optimise your payments solution could prove costly.

For well-integrated, dependable card acceptance – online, over the phone and by mail order – Verifone’s managed payment service is ideal. . Its simple and rapid checkout service will enable your business to securely process payments around-the-clock, while the smooth authorisation process minimises cart abandonments.

And as today’s customers rarely shop in one channel, Verifone can facilitate connected services like click and collect.

Accepting online payments

To create an easy checkout journey that maximises data security, Verifone has developed two ecommerce payment solutions: 

Payment Page

A straightforward way to add a hosted payment page with the same look and feel as the rest of your website. Customisable templates enable design consistency, while we’ll look after transaction data, so you don’t shoulder the responsibility for protecting valuable customer information.

Web Services

Embed payments within your site without hosting customer details. Data is directed straight to Verifone, removing your liability without having to redirect the customer to a separate site.  Available as either session-based or non-session-based.

Taking telephone and mail order payments

Not all customers want to buy online; accepting telephone and postal orders is an opportunity to increase revenue, by giving consumers more ways to buy from your brand. 

Verifone’s mail and telephone order (MOTO) service, securely processes customer not present transactions in real time - including batch payments for regular shoppers, such as monthly subscribers.