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Estate Management and Reporting

Share insights and make updates business-wide

Estate management and reporting as part of Verifone’s payment as service platform

Deploying consumer-friendly, secure card payments is just the start – the next stage is to use the information generated by these transactions to drive your business forward.

Monitoring and analysing data from all channels can reveal performance-enhancing insights, which you can share with colleagues to make better-informed decisions.

To support your business growth, all our managed service customers receive access to a web-based management and reporting system, WebCom to monitor transaction flow in real-time. Using this tool, you can centrally manage your entire terminal estate and associated accounts – including updating terminal configurations, to ensure all your devices are working from the latest technical standards.

We offer two solutions:


Every Payment as a Service customer has access to our WebCom payments management and reporting solution as standard.

Use it to share feedback across your business by creating custom reports based on your payments data, which can be viewed or downloaded by other personnel. You can also action terminal updates through WebCom.

WebCom Pro

For even more information and insight, many of our customers upgrade to WebCom Pro. This enhanced version features a host of additional functionality, along with 33 months additional storage capacity for viewing your transaction history and monitoring growth.