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Payment Security Solutions

Safeguard your customers’ valuable data from emerging security threats

Payment Security Leadership

Consumers put their trust in your business when they hand over their card details, and will hold you at fault if something goes wrong.

With new data threats constantly emerging, retailers and hospitality vendors can’t afford to take payment security for granted.

To protect your business beyond immediate dangers, Verifone has developed future-proof security solutions that safeguard customer data from end-to-end.

We provide complete protection against card fraud – from physically securing hardware to preventing malicious software breaches through our Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) payments as a service platform.

Security is an intrinsic part of our approach; as the first device manufacturer on the PCI Security Standards Council Board of Advisors, we helped to create the payment standards now followed by the entire industry.

Encrypt your customer data

Reduce the threat and cost of fraud with Verifone’s Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) payments as a service platform. Find out more about P2PE

Total security protection

Let us take responsibility for protecting your network with Verifone’s total security solution for retailers. See the benefits of our Total Protect solution

P2PE partner solutions

Create and maintain your own certified P2PE solutions with Verifone’s P2PE toolkit for partners. Start building your P2PE toolkit