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Point to Point
Encryption (P2PE)

Protect your business – and your customers
from the growing threat of payment fraud

Point to Point<br>Encryption (P2PE)

A single data breach can irreparably damage your company’s reputation – are you prepared to take that risk?

45% of consumers won’t shop with a retailer that has suffered a fraud attack. Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) encrypts your customers’ payment data at the point of interaction all the way to settlement, to protect it from fraud.

Secure your transactions and decrease fraud losses with Verifone’s P2PE payments as a service platform.

Developed to meet the latest Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, our solution shoulders the burden of fraud management by reducing the cost and complexity of PCI DSS compliance.

Our P2PE toolkit also enables partners to increase network security.


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Secure sensitive customer data in any environment

Encryption renders your customer data useless to cyber criminals.

We deliver advance P2PE security solutions to retailers across Europe, which protect payments in any environment – including self-service kiosks.

Simplify your route to PCI DSS compliance

Upholding the latest security standards doesn’t have to interrupt other priorities.

P2PE reduces scope for PCI DSS compliance, giving you more time and energy to focus on your customers.

Reduce the risk – and cost – of fraud attacks

Data breaches can quickly escalate into devastating fraud attacks.

Our P2PE payments as a service platform is a cost-effective way to maximise the security of your payments network.

P2PE and Security

P2PE for Retailers

Payments as a service platform

P2PE is an essential feature of our secure payments as a service platform.

However and wherever you want to offer customer card payments, we can develop, implement and manage a tailored solution for your business.

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Secure P2PE-ready devices

Increasing your security standards is easier than you might think.

Verifone is one of the first payment providers to supply P2PE-ready devices, which reduce your scope for PCI DSS compliance.

See our P2PE-ready devices:

VX 680 »VX 820 »VX 820 DUET »
Follow the P2PE Instruction Manual

We’ll guide you through the transition to advanced retail security with our P2PE Instruction Manual (PIM).

Our manual will fully prepare both new and existing Verifone customers to receive devices in a P2PE environment.

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P2PE for Partners

Your P2PE toolkit

Want to create and maintain your own certified P2PE solutions? We’ve got the tools for the job.

Our VX Evolution devices are PCI PTS 3 approved. We can also manage your device estate – including application downloads, configurations and encryption keys.

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P2PE consultancy and training

To help the P2PE implementation process run smoothly, Verifone can provide strategic guidance.

We offer software development kits and APIs for application developers. Our partner guidelines including advice on payment gateway integration and deployment, and application development.

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Advanced payment security

Our P2PE toolkit contains value-added features to help you create advanced retail security solutions.

These include remote key signing and management, encryption/decryption, feature enablement and file signing services – all designed, developed and delivered by Verifone.

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