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Customer Support

This page will help you locate the relevant support contact details for Managed Services (PAYware Ocius).

For terminal or service provided by one of our strategic partners (acquiring banks, leasing partners and ISOs) . Our strategic partners will have provided you with the relevant contact information to receive support. Please contact them in the first instance to receive the correct Helpdesk or Support number.

Managed Service billing enquiries

Tel: 08444 828 200
Email: asd.billingqueries@verifone.com

Customer Services for Managed Service (PAYware Ocius)

Managed Service (PAYware Ocius) Customer Services provides the link between our client base and other internal teams, and will be the first point of call for any non-technical questions. If you have a question, please contact this team in the first instance.

Monday to Friday – 9am to 5.30pm
Bank Holidays - Closed
Christmas Day - Closed
Boxing Day - Closed
Tel: +44 (0)8444 828 268

Technical Support Helpdesk for Managed Service (PAYware Ocius)

This helpdesk is a technical support function. For all other enquiries, please contact Customers Services. Our Managed Service (PAYware Ocius) Helpdesk is ready to assist you on anything from the simplest procedures to complex configuration problems and we will aim to address any issues that arise promptly.

Monday to Saturday - 8am to 8pm
Sunday - 10am to 5pm
Bank Holidays - 8am to 8pm
Christmas Day - Closed
Tel: +44 (0)8444 828 222

For test/integration queries for Managed Service (PAYware Ocius)

Contact our Tech Services for test/integration queries.
Tel: 08444 828 273
Email: uk.techservices@verifone.com

Managed Service Address
Verifone (U.K.) Limited
100 Eureka Park
Ashford, Kent
TN25 4AZ